Thermic Infrared Heating Paint Installation is the most simple heating installation there is. We show you the most economic method with the highest capacity! Once installed, it is forever. It is running on low voltage 24VDC. The Thermic Infrared Heating Paint system can be adapted to the various wishes of clients and provides them with inexpensive, fast, environmentally friendly, easy installation and operation heating system.

The effect of this heating remains unlimited throughout the years and does not decrease!

Thermic Infrared Heating Paint Installation
Thermic Infrared Heating Paint Installation

Step 1

Apply self-adhesive aluminium tape to the wall with a distance of 30-50cm from each other.  As for the installation procedure or the connection procedure, it is very simple, use copper tape for 24VDC power supply to the Thermic infrared heating.

You can use aluminium tape that is available on Amazon.

Step 2

Drill a hole in the copper tape that is placed on the wall and fit a wall plug  for connection to the 24VDV power cable.
Wall plugs are essential when connecting wires to the Thermic paint infrared heating – in fact anything you want to attach to your walls. A normal screw will not securely stay in plasterboard or masonry without a wall plug. They expand to securely grip the sides of the hole you have drilled, and will help to hold the screw in place without damaging your walls. Screw Set with Wall Plug.

Step 3

Use Fork Spade Wire Connector (link to Amazon DE) or Fork Spade Wire Connector (link to Amazon USA) to connect the wire and place the spade on the copper tape under the screw and tighten it accordingly to provide solid and secure wire connection

Step 4

Simply apply Thermic Infrared Heating Paint as any other paint and paint over the copper strips. You can use masking tape to outline where you are painting.

Step 5

You can connect the Thermic paint Infrared Heating Paint to the 24VDC trafo and connect the 24VDC transformer to your main-power. You can buy full certified 24VDC low voltage transformers on Amazon. The temperature can be set of each room individually and to your personal preference with thermostats. Here you can buy Digital Thermostat for Electric/Infrared Heaters on Amazon.

More than 50% of the required heat load can be saved with an efficient layout and intelligent control of the infrared heating system. Infrared heaters can reduce the required heat needed to maintain a comfortable temperature in a building (heat load), by at least 15 percent.

Very helpful is to have some Painters and Renovation Fleece Adhesive (Available on Amazon) You can apply it over the copper tape before overpainting it with Thermic paint Infrared heating paint to assure better adhesion on the electrodes/+ and -/poles

30 cm distance electrodes, 4 cm-Aluminium tape-electrodes-and-overlap with paint also electrodes to increase-the 4cm width aluminium tapes as shown below.

When making-painting larger fields and more heat is needed just make the electrodes as shown in the picture.